Leonardo Start Up Award 2018 second nomination: OMNIDERMAL.

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PhD TT wins the Leonardo Start Up Award 2018 with the second nomination: OMNIDERMAL.
This morning arrived the news that Omnidermal is also shortlisted for the “Leonardo Start Up 2018 Award”, recognition of the quality and value of Italian companies.
Omnidermal, spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino is specialized in the realization of devices equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms applied to the vulnology. The company offers highly technological solutions designed to provide the specialist doctor with all the objective information necessary to provide a more appropriate diagnosis
The Leonardo Award selected 10 Italian innovative start-ups that have distinguished themselves for innovation, intended as an advancement of the state of knowledge; success, qualified in terms of speed of growth of the company and of positive effects also on the rest of the productive fabric; internationalization, understood as the ability to reach and offer its products or services on foreign markets; employment, especially youth; and social impact, intended as a contribution to the resolution of problems in society.
The final choice, by the Leonardo Committee, the Ministry of Economic Development and the ICE Agency, will fall on the start-up that, among the 10, will be more distinguished in terms of innovation, contribution to the construction of an image of Italy in the world, and of inspiration and testimony for the new generations.
The award will be given by the President of the Republic on the occasion of the Italian Quality Day, which will take place in Quirinale at the beginning of next year.
“The Leonardo Awards, to which the Start Up Award has been added a few years ago, represent since 1995 the recognition of Italian know-how, the quality and uniqueness of our products, the celebration of stories of creativity of true Ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world “, said Luisa Todini, President of the Leonardo Committee.
“For us it is a matter of pride that the jury of the Leonardo Award has identified the excellences of this year and the selection has fallen on two of the projects developed and followed by PHD TT, an index that the company is well oriented. An important recognition of the work done so far “, declared the president of PhD TT, the lawyer. Paola Urbani.

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