The PhD TT© Index Model

The PhD TT© Index Model is the cutting-edge model developed by PhD TT to meet all the needs of the various players operating in the field of technology transfer.
Main characteristic of the PhD TT © Index Model is the capability of making qualitative and quantitative evaluations.

The meeting that generates value

PhD TT has developed a model that generates value favoring the interaction between worlds characterized by four different languages, four different logics and four different needs:
the research world; the world of finance and investment funds; the business world and the market

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought”.
Albert Szent-Györgyi – Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The characteristics of the PhD TT© Index Model


Highly qualified consultants specialized in Life Sciences, in the legal and intellectual property, in business analysis and development.

Quantitative analysis

Scientific and risk analysis provided to Investors and Researchers adopting quantitative and qualitative analysis tools.

Inter-sectoral interests

Win-win model. System of convergent interests among all the players involved:
Researchers – Consultants – Investors – Market.


Timing is essential in technology transfer. The partnerships that PhD TT has with Investors, Consultants and Technical Partners guarantee precise and fast answers.

The development steps of the PhD TT© Index model


1. Licensing
2. Intellectual property
3. Business case analysis
4. Business opportunity
5. Business dossier
6. Start up construction
7. Finance, fund-raising
8. Management
9. Due diligence
10. Go to Market