PhD TT: transforming innovation into business

PhD TT operates in the field of technological transfer applied to Life Sciences. Knowing all the real needs experienced by the players involved in the difficult task of transferring technology from ideas to concrete and productive projects present on the market, PhD TT proposes itself as a real interlocutor for start-ups, researchers, market players, investors offering specialized advice and transfer technology services, accelerator & finance.

Researchers, start-ups, investors and the market world have in common a specific need that has not been satisfied yet: instruments that can perform not only qualitative evaluations but especially quantitative.

To meet this need, PhD TT has created a cutting-edge model: the PhD TT© Index Model.

A model that PhD TT has developed thanks to the profound knowledge of its founders

The PhD TT© Index Model is a generator of value that promotes the meeting of four worlds that have different languages, logic and needs:

the world of research; the world of Investors; the business world; the market.

PhD TT supports the company in all the various stages of the product development.

Company organisation

Board of Trustees
4 Commitees

  • Legal Committee
  • Scientific Committee
  • Business Committee
  • Risk management Committee

Project Team

  • Business development manager
  • Senior analyst
  • Scientific expert
  • Legal & regulatory, intellectual property expert
  • Technology transfer experts