Technology Transfer PhD TT© Lab

The technology transfer model PhD © TT Lab acts as a specialized support center for the most excellent research projects with the aim of bringing these to the market.

The activities are carried out according to:

1. Review of already existing TT processes, adopting the best consolidated practices.

2. Analysis of the interdisciplinary aspects essential to evaluate the feasibility of the project

3. Technical, scientific and financial support dedicated to every single new business reality:
– Identification of the potential market and of the constrained needs
– Evaluation and analysis of entrepreneurial risk
– Evaluation of technological and market risk

4. Support in the following phases: creation of the management team, due diligence, fund raising and closing advisory.


The documentation sent to PhD TT is protected and regulated by a confidentiality agreement – Non-Disclosure Agreement – between the Parties.

In the first phase an Acceptance Test of the project is performed – User Acceptance Testing – based on an initial, registered and protected evaluation model: PhD TT© Index Model

The PhD TT© Index Model aims to solve typical business problems indicating the Road-Map to follow to turn an idea into an innovative product.

The evaluation model and follow-up phase of the PhD © TT Lab are designed to best meet the risk reduction needs and to focus investment opportunities.

Focus on collaborations to create company value

  • Relationship management
  • Problem solving not trasactions
  • Stop worrying about control

Become a facilitator of knowledge transfer (not just technology)

Adoption portfolio management approaches based upon appropriateness and value creation

Technology push the exception not the rule (breakthrough research to make a market) – usually spin – outs