Operative Day at CSMT

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Research and technology transfer: at the start the first “operational day” at the CSMT in Brescia

Brescia is where the future of technological development takes place. Yesterday, researchers, professors, technicians and operators shared their vision and experience during the first operational day, dedicated to technology transfer in the Life Sciences, held at the multi-industry and technology services center.
The day, the first of others to come, took place in the context of the agreement between CSMT, PHD TT, and PAIRSTECH Capital Management for the enhancement of research, signed in June.
Present at the meeting Franco D’Occhio, responsible for the third mission of the University, Alberto Bonetti for CSMT, Paola Urbani for Pairstech and Heber Verri for PHD TT. In front of an audience about 50 people were presented several projects.
The PHD TT INDEX MODEL, presented by Heber Verri, aroused great interest. The model was developed by PHD TT to meet all the needs of the various players operating in the field of technology transfer and whose main characteristic is to carry out not only qualitative but fundamentally quantitative evaluations. This model is unique in the Italian panorama of technology transfer.
A model that has shown itself immediately able to win the trust of both researchers and other players involved in all the phases necessary for the real enhancement of research.

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