PHD TT, new agreement with CNR NANOTECH

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Cnr Nanotech: a new agreement involving PhD TT in Italian technology transfer projects in the life sciences area

PhD TT confirms itself as a strategic player in technology transfer projects that are emerging according to innovative and more European methods, including in Italy.
In Lecce, the partnership between CNR NANOTEC, Nanotechnology Institute of the National Research Council, PhD TT and the English company Pairstech Capital Management officially took shape.
On 6 June in Lecce, at Campus Ecotekne, the CNR director NANOTECH, Giuseppe Gigli, Paola Urbani Legal Counselor of Pairstech and Heber Verri Chief Executive Officer of PhD TT signed the agreement between the three companies in order to enhance research in biomedical field and Life Science, each playing its own role and making available its know-how.
Among the various activities envisaged a day dedicated to Nanotechnologies, the Nanotechnology Transfer Day, will be held in July, during which the model developed by PhD TT will be presented to researchers and start-ups

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