PhD TT Tech Transfer, Accelerator & Finance

PhD TT throughout his technology transfer model, operates in the field of science, business development, business management & finance applied to Life Sciences. .

PhD TT is aimed at companies with great potential that can make a strong social impact.

PhD TT develops ideas, innovative projects, start-ups, medical companies, early stages and SMEs.

PhD TT operates in the field of

Medical Devices

Medical Diagnostics

In-Vitro Diagnostics

Digital Healthcare

October 15, 2018

Leonardo Start Up Award 2018 second nomination: OMNIDERMAL.

PhD TT wins the Leonardo Start Up Award 2018 with the second nomination: OMNIDERMAL. This morning arrived the news that Omnidermal is also shortlisted for the “Leonardo Start Up 2018…

October 11, 2018

IMAGENSYS – Candidates for the Leonardo Startup 2018 Award

ROMA The selections for the Leonardo Award held last September 2018 included IMAGENSYS – a company entrusted to the TTO of PHD TT – as shortlisted candidates for the “Leonardo…

October 1, 2018

PhD TT invited at TTN by JRC

LECCE. The international workshop “Technology Transfer in Nanotechnology: Challenges and Opportunity” is held on October 18th and 19th at the CNR Nanotec headquarters in Lecce. Event organized by the Joint…

“I am searching for the light of science and its application”

Leonardo Da Vinci

How much will the technologies we are developing today be able to change tomorrow’s life? 

What should we do to make this happen?

Our answers….tailor made

To researchers

Proof of concept development
Scientific support
Strategic Road Map
Technical management of the project
Intellectual property management

To Start-Up

Establishment of scientific and management team
Legal advice
Verification of the sustainability of the economic and financial mode
Evaluation and proposal of the appropriate investment vehicle

To investors

Selection of Start-Ups ready to receive the investment
Feasibility report and risk analysis based on the PhD TT© Index Model
Reduction of investment risk
Investment dossier
Finance book model

To Market players

Due diligence
Business case
Medical Issue
Target Market
Market Size potenziale
Exit Strategy
Go to Market

The PhD TT© Index Model


Consultants specialized in business analysis, product development and intellectual property field applied to Life Science.

Quantitative Analysis

Scientific and risk analysis for Investors and Researchers adopting quantitative analysis tools and weighted scores to support qualitative tools

Inter-sectoral interests

Win-win model. System of convergent interests among all the involved players:
Researchers – Consultants – Investors – Market.


Timing is essential in technology transfer. Thanks to the tight partnerships with Investors, Consultants and Technical Partners, PhD TT guarantees precise and fast answers.

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The PhD TT Lab

Integrated model of converging interests and concerted management

Transparency Coherency Speed Concreteness

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Executive Team

Scientific Comitee & Risk Management