The mission of CNR-NANOTEC Institute of Nanotechnology, present in four operating sites (Lecce, Bari, Rome and Rende), is the development of new concepts, devices and applications based on bottom-up nanotechnology approaches (self-assembly and molecular engineering of organic molecules, polymers and biomolecules) and top-down nanotechnology approaches (latest generation nanotechnologies / lithographs applied to semiconductor materials).
CNR-NANOTEC is a multidisciplinary research institute equipped with facilities distributed over the four sites and, in particular, a large infrastructure comprising around 12,000 square meters of laboratories and clean rooms at the headquarters in Lecce, where more than 200 researchers with multidisciplinary skills (physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering) are working together.


CSMT represents one of the main point of reference for companies in the field of applied research, technology transfer, training, development and prototyping of new products, processes and methodologies. The CSMT mission is to translate innovation into applications, combining the most qualified and international university with the concreteness typical of the industrial area of ​​Brescia.


CROS NT is a global contract research organization specializing in data-driven services and solutions. CROS NT is part of PM Holding, a group of companies that deal with clinical trials. To date, he has provided expert services to over 1,000 pre-and post-marketing studies in a wide range of therapeutic areas and indications. Customers are equally distributed among the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological devices sectors. CROS NT provides a wide range of services such as protocol design and preparation of clinical study report.


Pairstech Capital Management LLP was founded in November 2007 and is based in London.
The investment objective is to achieve an absolute return, through a complete range of financial instruments, through onshore and offshore funds and managed accounts.
Pairstech offers expertise in a wide range of asset classes and provides to Institutional and Private Investors a wide set of products achieving an optimal risk-return profile. The company supports the Partners allowing them to implement their operational and commercial strategies in the context of a “full-regulated” reality.


Pairstech SGS is specialized in providing services to Italian and European companies in the process of localization and globalization of their markets. Strong skills and proven experience in risk analysis, business plans development and market research characterize Pairstech SGS know-how. A strong competitive advantage that distinguishes Pairstech from its competitors is the ability to support client companies in technology transfer and internationalization processes with financial support both in the countries of origin and in their destinations. Several are the successful stories of local family-owned companies guided towards the development of a more optimal industrial production approach and the achievement of the globalized market.


Panakès Partners is a Venture Capital investor that operates in the field of medical companies, start-ups and SMEs, in Europe and Israel.
Panakès provides the capital and works with entrepreneurs to develop successful businesses and through strong relationships with international industrial partners, helps companies accelerate their development.
PANAKES invests in Medtech companies with proven potential and with a strong potential impact on society. Panakès is ready to support the brightest entrepreneurs and the best technologies of the future.


CRO based in Milan, founded in 1982, provides clinical and regulatory expertise to industries operating in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices and food supplements sector.
Considered among the best Italian CRO (Clinical Research Organization), Phidea Group has privileged relationships with major pharmaceutical companies, key opinion leaders in the medical field, with hospital doctors (Phidea Group partners in Clinical Studies) and has contacts with AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) for product registration and regulatory obligations. Phidea Group focuses on the private healthcare sector.