Nanotechnology Transfer Day

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The collaboration with PhD TT was started for the enhancement of research on the basis of the agreement signed last May between CNR NANOTEC and Pairstech Capital Management, a wealth management company that provides institutional and private investors with a set of investment vehicles, in order to to enhance the results of the research carried out within the Institute.
Thursday 19 July from 11 to 14 hours at the CNR Nanotec headquarters in Lecce, a meeting was held on technology transfer in the field of nanotechnology applied to the biomedical sector.
The event was organized by the Technological Transfer Office of the CNR Nanotec that inaugurated with this day a series of events aimed at presenting the various models and some best practices of technology transfer to the actors of the nanotechnology innovation ecosystem. . On this first day the dott. Heber Verri and dott.sa Paola Urbani presented the new technology transfer model PhD TT© Index Model.
PhD TT is a completely independent Italian company specialized in technology transfer, it is an accelerator organized for the Go to Venture Practice, oriented to the world of Lifes Sciences.
PhD TT has developed a new model of technology transfer: the PhD TT© INDEX MODEL dedicated to the generation of innovation value, focused on reducing the risks of investment opportunities to support research.
The researchers intervene actively in the initial analysis of feasibility and in the establishment of the future company (start-up), with the aim of attracting risk capital useful to support the phase of technology transfer in the vision of the “Research for go-to-market” “.
The PhD TT model stems from a need of the market, that of making two extremely different worlds dialogue: the world of research and the world of investments.
PhD TT supports all activities in collaboration with the TTO – CNR Nanotec with an experienced work team and thanks to a qualified scientific-economic committee.
On the occasion of the 19/7 u.s. event at CNR Nanotec in Lecce, PHD TT presented its track record, where they were able to evaluate in detail the successful cases of intervention of the PhD TT © INDEX MODEL.
Subsequently, two projects were presented by the CNR Nanotec researchers by Dr. Alessandra Zizzari and Dr. Alessandra Quarta. The two projects were then discussed assuming the necessary actions to be implemented to optimize these technologies with a view to socio-economic valorisation.
At the end of the day attended by about 30 researchers, the CNR Nanotec director Prof. Giuseppe Gigli concluded the event by thanking all the participants and hoping that this first event represents the beginning of a path of development of the entrepreneurial spirit of researchers of his Institute acting as a pioneer for other CNR Institutes.

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